Instagram Growth

Do you want to grow your profile? This is the perfect solution for Influencers, Models, Photographers, etc. Forget leads or sales, focus on increasing your influence with Physis.

Our pricing plans

We have created exclusives plans for all types of customers. Choose the plan that you think best suits you, and a Physis agent will advise you to make the best decision.


Social Media Ads

Get followers through Instagram advertising. The most accurate option.

  • Personal ad manager
  • Industry, gender, location & age specific
  • Real & Relevant Followers




Get followers through giveaways. The fastest way to grow your account.

  • Choose between a teenage audience or adults
  • Minimum order is 3k followers
  • Real & Relevant Followers

90Per 1000 followers


Celebrity Collaboration

We get you to collaborate with celebrities. We have worked with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne.

  • The most effective and exclusive method
  • Boost your profile with high end quality real & relevant followers
  • Improve your engagement, sales, reputation

How It Works

We Send You Traffic From Our Accounts

Through our accounts we get users to discover your profile, follow you and interact with your content.

Completely Safe

We do not need your account or your password. All work is from our side.

Grow Without Limits

The only way to grow fast with real and quality followers.

The Best Growth Methods For You

  • From Physis we offer exclusive and quality methods, the best for you.

Ready to start growing your Instagram account?

Physis wants to help you reach your goals on Instagram through the best methods. Our powerful systems plus your great content is a guaranteed success. 

Get every single answers from here

Here we try to solve all your questions, but if you have any other questions contact us here.

Physis offers a promotion and organic growth service on Instagram for companies and individuals (Influencers, photographers, models, artists, etc). Everyone can benefit from this service.


We also offer complementary services for further growth.

  • -Just your name account
  • -A Briefing on your Goals (More Leads, Sales, Branding, Traffic, Etc.)
  • -And a manager from Physis Team will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Celebrity Collaboration is an exclusive and high end service which is offered to a exclusive kind of clientes. Get in touch with us to further details.

Yes. The service is completely safe as long as we don’t need your account credentials. There is also no risk of blockages that other methods like automation have.

Physis accepts: PayPal and wire transfer.

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